February 2018

100% clearance at Stirling of our 5 AA and 3 Charolais bulls to average in excess of £6,000, and bring home the rather flashy young bull Stouphill Lord Ramon for 12,000gns as Junior Herd Sire for our Angus herd.  We greatly look forward to seeing his calves.


 Stouphill Lord Ramon - our new junior stock bull


October 2017

Gretnahouse Macbook, yet another beautifully fleshed Equinox son with great calving data leads our Stirling team, selling for 9,000gns to well known producers Messrs Ross, Madderty.


Gretnahouse Macbook - 9,000gns 


May 2017

Back to Carlisle with our Charolais, Gretnahouse Lunar from the 'colour' family, another very good Equinox son admired for his calving ease and growth, sells to the Balthayock herd for 11,000gns.


Gretnahouse Lunar - 11,000gns  


April 2017

At Carlisle, our three AA bulls come away with the highest price and highest average of the day.  Top was Gretnahouse Jack Eric selling for 12,000gns, a superb son of Haymount Precursor.  Gretnahouse Krackpad and Gretnahouse Lord Hit (another Precursor son) were first and second in their class, making 6,000gns and 6,500gns. 


Gretnahouse Jack Eric - 12,000gns  



Gretnahouse Lord Hit - 6,500gns



Gretnahouse Krackpad - 6,000gns 



February 2017

Gretnahouse Lord, an outstanding son of Balthayock Gladiator is pipped at the post for the Supreme, winning Reserve Supreme Championship at Stirling, before selling for the top price of 25,000 gns. 


Gretnahouse Lord 25,000gns


Another sale season begins and gets off to a cracking start at Stirling.Our four AA bulls average £10,447 including 15,000 gns son of Blacksmith L500, Gretnahouse Exocet and 13,000 gns Gretnahouse Black Ballboy, who is a full brother to Blacksmith.

Gretnahouse Blackrod also caught pedigree breeding attention.  This son of Haymount Precursor made 6,000 gns.  

Exocet 15,000 gns


Black Ballboy 13,000 gns


November 2016

Our sole AA entry at the Stars of the Future show at Stirling, Gretnahouse Blacklight wins the Senior Championship. 

Blacklight, Senior Champion 


May 2016

Following our Charolais Championship earlier in the month, we managed to top that with the Supreme and Reserve Supreme Aberdeen Angus Championships at Carlisle.   Our champion, Gretnahouse KP P710 sired by £15,000 Gretnahouse Lord Hefty made the top price of 8,000 gns.  Gretnahouse Kind Lad, another powerhouse son of Blacksmith L500 sold for 7,000 gns, both bulls going for pedigree work.  


KP P710 made 8,000gns



 Kindlad 7,000 gns


Overall Champion for Gretnahouse Jugular at the Carlisle May sale, another star bull from the Paradise dynasty, and all five bulls sold to average £7,100.


Earlier in the month, Gretnahouse Juror sold to the Wissington herd for £10,000, another great son of Equinox.



February 2016

Gretnahouse Blacksmith L500 sons again cause a stir at Stirling Bull Sales, with Blackpot P685 selling for 10,000 gns to the Belhaven herd and four sons averaging £6,562 and three Charolais bulls average £7,105. 


October 2015

Our Charolais bulls again amongst the top averages at Stirling Bull Sales with sales at 8,500 gns for Immense


 and 9,500 gns for Jimbob, a heifer calf from the 'Esse' family. 


Summer 2015

Alasdair has had an exciting summer, having been asked to judge a number of prestigious shows.  These included judging Charolais at the Royal Highland Show and Aberdeen Angus at their National Show at Kelso.   



Carlisle Charolais Sale - May 2015

Gretnahouse Ivory, Equinox sons continue their great run!

Reserve Intermediate Champion at Carlisle, May 2015 sold for 10,000 gns to the Bonnykelly herd. 



Gretnahouse Iliad, a heifer's calf making 8,000 gns at Carlisle, May 2015.  Other sales include Icarus at 7,000 gns and  Inplay at 5,500 gns, making for a successful day. 





Stirling Charolais February 2015

Another successful trip!  Equinox's sons continue to be in demand with three more selling to average 8,100 gns, and a top price of 11,000 gns for Gretnahouse Ivor.  


Gretnahouse Ivor sold for 11000 gns 


In the same string this time, an Adonis embryo son of Paradise makes 9,500 gns and another embryo son Gretnahouse Italian ET sells for 8,500 gns.


Gretnahouse Intouch ET sold for 9,500gns



First visit to Stirling with Aberdeen Angus February 2015

 Very pleased as a 'Stirling Virgin' to sell 5 bulls to average £7014.  After winning the pairs on Sunday night, we then had a good sale which included two 10000 gns sales into well known pedigree herds.   


Gretnahouse Samson N645, sold 10,000 gns to the Rosemead herd.  This is the first son born by Gretnahouse Blacksmith L500


Gretnahouse Prince Cool N623 sold for 10,000 gns to the Idvies herd.  His mother is bring flushed this year to Gretnahouse Blacksmith L500. 




Agri Expo Carlisle October 2014 

Our first outing for an Aberdeen Angus bull calf from Gretnahouse Blacksmith L500 calf - Gretnahouse Sampson. 1st in his class, Champion Yearling Male and Reserve Overall Male.  



October 2014

A big thank you to our customers at the Charolais Stirling Bull Sales - Gretnahouse Ingot made 6,000gns, Gretnahouse Intermilan 7,500gns and we were very pleased with the Reserve Male Intermediate Champion Gretnahouse Indian who was sold to a pedigree herd and made 18,000gns.   


Gretnahouse Indian Stirling October 2014 


July 2014

National Charolais Show took place at the NEC.  We took two bulls and were thrilled to come away with two first prizes, Male Champion and Champion Pair.  A good day at the office!

Gretnahouse Indian - Male Champion shown below will be offered for sale at Stirling Bull Sales in October 2014. 






 Gretnahouse Indian and Italian ET Champion Pairs  



May 2014

At the Carlisle Bull Sales we took three bulls, and sold all three to new customers.  We wish Gretnahouse Harry (sold for 9,000gns) Gretnahouse Hope (sold for 7,500 gns)and Gretnahouse Ian (sold for 4,000 gns) well in their new homes.

April 2014

A busy month with spring field work well up to date, and calving starting to Equinox and Gladiator, from whom we have also taken semen.  

In addition, we have 3 Charolais and 2 Angus entered for the Carlisle May Sales. 

February 2014 

Stirling Sale

5 Gretnahouse Charolais bulls at Stirling.  First Equinox sons sell with 100% clearance, to 8,500 gns for pedigree use.  A great start!


November 2013

Winter National Aberdeen Angus Show at Agri Expo


A great day!  We took 2 young bulls.  Both won their classes, Gretnahouse Lord Hefty M549 took the Yearling Championship, and Gretnahouse Peter Cay N607 went on to get the Overall Reserve Male Champion. 



Gretnahouse Lord Hefty M549 - a huge son of Ardrossan Admiral



Gretnahouse Peter Cay N607 - a classy Pershore son


October 2013

Stirling Charolais Sales 

Three Gretnahouse bulls take the top sale average, selling at 8,000 gns, 9,000 gns and 15,000 gns for the exceptional Gretnahouse Heman, joining the Goldies Charolais herd.  The other two high performance bulls Hero and Hasty sold to Courrance Farms for their top Simmental based suckler herd.    


Gretnahouse Heman sold for 15,000 gns.



Gretnahouse Hero sold for 9,000 gns at Stirling



Gretnahouse Hasty sold for 8,000 gns at Stirling 



Autumn sales season begins

Reserve Champion and top price at 5,000 gns for Gretnahouse Bailiff M560 sold to join the highly successful Deveron of Hamish and Margaret Sclater.



Joint 2nd top price at 4,000 gns for Gretnahouse Sam M565 off to suckler work in Northumberland.


 May 2013

Charolais Success at Carlisle 


Gretnahouse Grim - Senior Champion, sold 5,000gns to George Wordie, from the 'esse' family.



Gretnahouse Grant.  Sold 9,000gns to Peter Donger, Seawell.  A twin out of a superb heifer, Emerald, from the 'colour' family.



 Gretnahouse Gunshot ET.  Sold 8,000gns.  Another remarkable son of the Paradise cow.



March 2013

Haymount buy half share in "remarkable Aberdeen Angus bull" from Gretnahouse.

Tom and Wendy Arnott are delighted to announce their purchase of a half share in Greenhouse Blacksmith L500 for a significant five figure sum from Alasdair Houston of the Gretnahouse herd, at Gretna Green.

Tom Arnott says, "I had heard about this bull from a number of people and went to see him for myself.   He certainly lived up to the commendations. He is without doubt one of the best bulls I have seen in a lifetime of breeding Aberdeen Angus cattle, carrying many outstanding characteristics that I value highly.  Together with his performance figures, he is a great prospect.

When I heard that Alasdair had decided to retain him as stock sire rather than sell him at Stirling, I just knew I had to try hard to acquire a share in him.  We are very excited indeed."

Alasdair Houston, whose Gretnahouse Aberdeen Angus herd was established recently to run alongside his well known Charolais herd, says of Blacksmith L500, "This bull has been one of those rare beasts that has been exceptional since the day he was born.  Out of a 2 yo heifer, Blackbird J131, that I picked as my favourite when establishing the herd from Blelack, he has a great temperament and pedigree, with deep dam lines on both sides and by outcross sire, imported embryo Blelack Duke.  We showed him twice, winning Championships at Dumfries, then Male Champion at AA Winter National Show and he just gets better as he develops.  Not only is he big and powerful, he has a great head and bone, breed character and ease of fleshing.  I have been very lucky to breed one as good so soon!"

I am very happy to share him with the Arnott family and their long established Haymount herd."

His first calves will be born this summer.




February 2013


  • At late stage, we decided not to take Gretnahouse Blacksmith L500 to Stirling.  I think you can see why!  He is retained as our herd sire, and we will be taking semen from him in due course.



  • Excited to announce the purchase of new stock sire Balthayock Gladiator, 17000 gns Stirling.  This bull is from a deep cow family and has got real power, width and flesh. He has exceptional eye muscle and great EBVs.  We think he will complement our cows when he goes to work.




November 2012

  • Delighted to win the male Championship at the Winter National Show at Agri Expo! Gretnahouse Blacksmith L500 causes quite a stir.  We really rate this bull.



October 2012



  • A successful Stirling selling 2 Charolais polled bulls, both out of heifers, up to 6,800 gns to top suckler men. 

  • First Gretnahouse Aberdeen Angus to go through the sale ring! Top price at 4000 gns at Carlisle with Gretnahouse Blackgame L506.  A decent start.



May 2012


  • Calves by our new stock sire, Wesley Equinox are being born alongside progeny of Blelack Digger and Balthayock Adonis.  Equinox is proving to be exceptionally easy calving with lively and attractive calves.  A very promising start! 



Spring 2012


  • A good sale for the breed at Stirling, and for Gretnahouse, selling four bulls to average £8,200  


Gretnahouse Fiefdon sold for 9,500gns


Gretnahouse Farrier sold for 9,000gns 




Autumn 2011


  • More success, this time another Championship at the Carlisle Autumn Show and Sale, with Gretnahouse Foxhunt.  Sold for 7,000 gns.


 Gretnahouse Foxhunt


  •  At the same sale, Gretnahouse Filmmaker, another super son of Camelot, sells for 6,500gns.   



 Summer 2011


  •  Two more stock bulls sold into pedigree herd privately!  Congratulations to Ben Harman from the Chesham herd for his purchase of Gretnahouse Formidable and to John and Jenny Rix, Wissington herd for their purchase of Gretnahouse Ferdinand.  Both of these bulls came from the Paradise family.
  • Two out of two championship wins and overall Interbreed Championship at Dumfries Show for 2 year old heifer Gretnahouse Emerald.  This is another fantastic daughter of Gretnahouse Ultimate.





Spring 2011

  • The Drusilla family is really coming to the fore again, with Gretna House Eric selling for 8,000 at Stirling and his twin brother selling for 6,000 at Carlisle. 
  • Junior stockbull Wesley Equinox is purchased at Carlisle for 12,000 gns.



July 2010

  • A succesful day for Gretnahouse genetics at the Scottish National Charolais Show at a rainy Cumberland Show. Female Campion from Holstead by Gretnahouse Noel, Reserve Female Champion from Edenhurst by Gretnahouse Ultimate, and 1st prize in the young bull class for Gretnahouse Eric, from the Drusilla line. 




May 2010

  •  Only one bull forward at the Carlisle sale, Gretnahouse Dudec, was 2nd in his class and sold for 5000gns to Klondyke Farms.
  •  Private sale of Gretnahouse Dallaglio, highest rated Charolais bull ever recorded for 400 day growth, sold to Messrs Smith, for their Southwillow herd.  



Autumn 2009

  •  Another Championship win at the Carlisle Autumn Show and Sale 2009, with Gretna House Drysky, by Gretna House Ultimate, sold to a customer taking his third Ultimate son in a row. 


  • Congratulations also go to Peter Vasey at Edenhurst Charolais for their success with their Ultimate daughter on the show circuit this year.



Royal Show 2009


Congratulations to four of our customers for their success at the Royal Show 2009.

  • Male Champion - Gretna House Archangel
  • Female and Overall Champion - Gretna House Napoleon grand-daughter
  • Reserve Junior Female Champion - Gretna House Ultimate daughter
  • 1st prize Junior bull - Gretna House Umpire son


Deep Genetics, Proven Pedigree


Perth October 2008

Gretna House Calypso sold for 7500 gns.


Summer 2008

Overall Champion Cumberland Show, and Reserve Overall Champion Dumfries Show.



Carlisle May 2007 

Great success at the Spring Sale at Carlisle in May 2007 produced three 1st prizes in three classes for three entered!  Gretna House Bomber went on to get Reserve Junior Champion, and sold for 8,000gns to the Balmyle Herd.  Gretna House Aberfeldy sold for 8,500gns to the Balbithan Herd.  Gretna House Arrow was awarded the Reserve Intermediate Championship.


Perth February 2007 
At Perth, February 2007, we had 100% clearance, selling 6 young bulls to average £7,227.  4 sons of Gretna House Ultimate sold to average £8,216.
Gretna House Amazon, son of Gretna House Noel sold for 12,000gns.  
Christmas Cracker - Carlisle November 2006 
At the Christmas Cracker sale in Carlisle in November 2006, Gretna House Agesse sold for the top price of 7,000gns.  At the same sale, Gretna House Agenta achieved a historic hat-trick of Cracker Championships for the herd before selling for 5,000gns.  In the bull section, Gretna House Ability sold for 6,000gns, which was the 3rd top price.
Perth October 2006 
Congratulations to Mallaber Partners, Newroddige Herd on their purchase of Gretna House Archangel at Perth October 2006 for 9,000gns.