Gretna House

Gretna Green, DG16 5HF  

 Alasdair Houston 

 01461 800671 / 07798 892231



John Morton 

07812 185927 



The Gretna House Herd is based at Gretna Green on the Scottish border, which has been home to my family since 1885. Pedigree Charolais cattle have been here since 1970, when my father Adair was one of the early pioneers of the breed in the U.K.

 In 2010, we began establishing the Gretna House Aberdeen Angus herd, which is being built around proven dam lines from top herds.     


  The cattle are an important part of our mixed farming business, which operates from Gretna Green and in Berwickshire where we have an arable/vegetable unit. 


 Farming and land management are integral to who we are and what we do.  Our business currently has three other key strands - tourism, property and hospitality. If you are interested in our other activities, then please follow the links below.


 My approach to breeding cattle is to build a select herd around deep pedigreed and proven dam lines. I believe that Charolais females should be kept big, long and feminine. Over the years we have used the best stock bulls we can find, alongside A.I. and embryo transfer in our quest for the best genetic material available.


 Our breeding objectives are to produce cattle demonstrating correctness, top quality conformation, recorded performance and temperament.


 The herd is Breedplan recorded and a member of the SAC Premium Health Scheme.



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