Charolais cattle have been here since 1967. The families that we are working with have been selected and refined for depth of pedigree and genetic predictability.  Our breeding objectives are to produce high performance, easy calving, modern Charolais cattle to meet modern market requirements. 



Drusilla made a big impact in the 1990s, producing bulls like Burke Trophy team bull Gretnahouse Meikle and Perth Senior Champion Gretnahouse Magnet.  Her females are outstanding and her line survived the herd loss in 2001 through the use of frozen embryos.  Gretnahouse Amazon, a 12,000gns sale at Perth was the first bull to reappear from this line.  Her influence is increasing as her bloodline re-establishes itself through the herd.





Gretna House Meikle


Gretna House Magnet


Gretna House Amazon


Ilona was another great cow whose line continues through ET.  Look for the "..lona" suffix to names. Dam of 10,500gns Carlisle previous centre record holder Gretnahouse Noel and retained great breeding bull Gretnahouse Ultimate.  Both these sires have performed really well as herd sires and in AI, with bulls to 12,000gns as well as female show success for breeders. 


 Gretnahouse Noel, son of Ilona, 10,500 gns Carlisle


Gretnahouse Ultimate, another son of Ilona 



Gretnahouse Hero, another great bull from this family.  Sold at Stirling for 9,000 gns October 2013 


I was fortunate in 2001 to buy an in-calf heifer from Balmyle, (where I had tried unsuccessfully to buy her mother!)  Paradise has been a remarkable cow.  As of Spring 2012, she has produced a remarkable SIX stockbulls sold to pedigree herds, including a 25,000gns Carlisle record price, and a Royal Show Male Champion. Paradise is still part of our ET programme.  Her females have a great pelvis, growth and fantastic breed character; they are forming an important part of the herd.  Look out for grand-sons of Paradise coming through from these remarkable cows.

Paradise aged 10


Paradise aged 11



 Gretnahouse Ubeauty, sold May 2004 at Carlisle for 25,000 gns at 13 months.  This was Paradise's first bull calf



 Gretnahouse Archangel sold 9,000 gns Perth, later to win Male Championship at the Royal Show and sire of bulls to 20,000 gns



Gretnahouse Heman, sold for 15,000 gns at Stirling October 2013 to Goldies Charolais 




Gretnahouse Indian, sold 18,000 gns Stirling October 2014 to the Farleycopse herd 




Gretnahouse Intouch ET, sold for 9,500 gns Stirling February 2015



The famous Lakeland Sagesse is behind another key dam line.  Look out for the 'esse' suffix  to females like Ugesse and Unesse from this powerful line.




Gretna House Upward, sold privately for undisclosed five figure sum



Gretnahouse Calypso, son of Ugesse, 7,500gns Perth 


Gretnahouse Grim Senior Champion Carlisle, May 2013 



Gretnahouse Ivor sold for 11,000 gns at Stirling February 2015



The 'drink' family came from the top cow line at Gower. Sherry's first calf Vodka was a good winner of her class at the Scottish National Show in 2005 and Campari was Female Champion as a maiden at Dumfries in 2008.  Bulls are sure to come out of this family soon and should be worth the wait. 

Gretnahouse Vodka winning her class at the Scottish National Show 2006


Gretnahouse Campari, Female Champion at Dumfries Show 2008

 Gretnahouse Farrier 9,000 gns Stirling Feb 2012, first calf from Campari


Promising young calf from the Drink family


The "colour" family came from a great cow, Moyness Magenta, from a line that has bred bulls to 16,000gns, as well as big,feminine females.  We have already sold a Christmas Cracker Champion and other females to 7000 gns from this family.  In Summer 2011, the 2 year old Gretnahouse Emerald scooped the Interbreed Championship at Dumfries Show.  We are really pleased with the way this line is developing.


Gretnahouse Emerald 

Gretnahouse Agenta, Carlisle Christmas Cracker Champion, 5,000gns


Another from the colour family, 7,000gns Carlisle


 Gretnahouse Grant, sold 9,000 gns Carlisle May 2013 to Seawell Herd, first calf from Emerald