In 2010 I started building a new Aberdeen Angus herd.

Having spent a year or two researching the bloodlines that I wanted to use, I bought the initial foundation stock from the top cow families I could find, the bulk coming from Blelack bloodlines.



From this base, I used proven EBV sires through AI, in 2011 and 2012, such as Netherallan Peter Pershore and Ardrossan Admiral A2 to produce long, feminine and high EBV females.




Netherallan Peter Pershore 


Ardrossan Admiral A2


The first homebred bull to be sold at auction was top price at Carlisle in November 2012, admittedly a modest 4,500 gns, but a good start.


I was incredibly lucky to breed - in fact my first home bred calf - Gretnahouse Blacksmith L500. This bull is the real deal. We only showed him twice as a young bull - winning Breed Champion at Dumfries Show in summer 2012, and then Yearling Champion at the Angus International Show in November 2012.  We then sold a half share of him, for a high five figure sum, to the famous Haymount herd in Spring 2013.




 Gretnahouse Blacksmith L500 




Gretnahouse Lordy Hefty M549, first calf out of a 2 year old Lady Heather heifer.  An outstanding start for this family at Gretnahouse, Champion Yearling at the Winter Aberdeen Angus National Show - held at Agri Expo November 2013.  This was the second win in a row of this Championship.  Lord Hefty was then sold for £15,000 to the Wickmere herd.  





Gretnahouse Peter Cay N607, an outstanding young bull, winning his class at the Aberdeen Angus Winter National Show, and then going on to take the Reserve Male Champion.  A full brother sold last year as herd sire to Cally Estates at Bridge of Cally.



On our first visit to Stirling in February 2015, we were delighted to sell the first son of Blacksmith L500 Gretnahouse Samson for 10,000 gns to the long established Rosemead herd and Prince Cool sold for the same price, out of a huge Princess Caroline cow, to the successful Idvies herd. 



 Gretnahouse Prince Cool sold for 10,000 gns at Stirling February 2015



Gretnahouse Samson sold for 10,000 gns at Stirling February 2015